Human Rights & Workplace

Human Rights Policy


As a reputed organization, Luminex is committed to maintain a best organizational culture which always value and uphold human rights and strives to recognize, evaluate and manage the human rights impacts on all our stakeholders and actively engage in the process of human rights abuses and violations. Luminex plays an active role in achievement of human rights.

As a practice Luminex,

  • Maintain fair and appropriate procedures while evaluating the performances of all employees, suppliers and sub contractor’s to review their performance with fairness.
  • Engage in open discourse with stake holders
  • Involved in community activities.
  • Perform ethical conduct and integrity while engaging in construction activities in the industry

Workplace Policy


Luminex is always try to maintain friendly working environment which promotes mutual respects while keeping the professionalism at a great level.
As a workplace policy, Luminex manages work forces free from work overload situations, pressure, all forms of intimidation, harassment and violence’s
Management highly value the employees creativity, initiative and motivation whilst empowering and enhancing the performance.

Open Communication Policy


Luminex always encourage employees teamwork, where all employees work in unison to accomplish projects milestones and to achieve desired organization key performance indicators through open and effective communication across all levels in organizational hierarchy. Management always willing to listen the new ideas and success stories, encourage feedback on deficiencies and encourage open discourse in search of recommendations for continual improvement.


Workplace Motto

Luminex is always committed to achieve the organizational goals by continuous improvement in quality aspects in all the areas of performances with the use of appropriate and collective decision making giving values to the ideas and proposals of employees in all levels.

Luminex takes the responsibilities to train the future employees, whilst developing the capacity of in-house trainers and infrastructure needed to meet the, growing human resources needs of the organization and reinforce position of Luminex Private limited as the most competitive construction company in Sri Lanka


Equal Employment Opportunity

Luminex always ensure the directions and decisions on employees are in line with Company policies. All the employees having equal chances for accessing the opportunities available in the organization and all employees are treated in similar manner in the selection, recruitment, training and developments, remuneration and promotions.

Luminex do not encourage discrimination based on an individual’s age, sex, race, religion, nationality, from the time of selection & recruitment until the termination of employment.

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